Automatic replies to submissions

You may enable automatic replies on the form settings page in the tab named "Autoreplies". We are using Liquid template engine to power up your custom templates.

Please note: custom templates do not support special characters or spaces in form field names. This includes hyphens, dashes, and quotation marks. If your form field names contain any of these characters, please rename these fields (e.g. by using underscore instead), otherwise custom templates won't work correctly.

Simple example

You may use double curly braces to access your submission content in the custom template. For example, you have a simple form with name, email and message inputs. Form2chat will translate each of your submission fields to the autoreply template:

Hi, {{name}}!

Thank you for reaching out! Here is what you've submitted:

Name: <b>{{name}}<b/>
Email: <b>{{email}}<b/>
Message: <b>{{message}}<b/>

For more complex examples and details on how liquid template engine works, please refer to the Liquid template engine documentation.